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Frequently Asked Questions about the BurJuman Safe & Sound Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. We've collected the most frequently asked questions about the BurJuman Safe & Sound initiative and answered them here.

What are the main highlights of Safe & Sound 2015 campaign?
The highlights of this year’s campaign is the introduction of the new Safe & Sound app and the closing event on October 30th taking place in Kite Beach.

When will the Pink Walkathon take place?
The Pink walkathon has been reinvented so that everybody can be a part of this year’s wider initiative. The app will replace the traditional Safe & Sound Walkathon and will be available to subscribers both in and outside the UAE, starting from October. Users will be able to run and walk, tracking their progress at the same time. Participants are invited to donate money directly to Al Jalila Foundation and Brest Friends via the app’s built in payment gateway.

How can I participate as an organisation?
You can also walk or donate on behalf of an organization and support Safe & Sound as part of your CSR initiatives.

Can we raise more funds for the cause if I walk more?
If the total distance walked through the app reaches the 50,000km milestone in 2015, BurJuman has pledged to donate a further AED100,000 to the cause.

How can I download the app?
Search for Burjuman Safe & Sound app and download it from the App Store. The app is also available for Androids through Media Play.

Which charity do our proceeds go to?
Proceeds will go to Al Jalila Foundation and Brest Friends.

What are all the donations/funds used for?
for local breast cancer research, as well as increasing awareness of the disease and supporting women as they undergo treatment.

How can I make a bigger contribution to the cause?
Introduce the app, share it on your social media, challenge friends to do the walk and donate.

Do you still do free mammogram checkups?
As in previous years, uniCare Medical Centre joins the campaign as medical partner, and will be giving away 10,000 coupons for free check ups, and unlimited discounted mammograms at uniCare clinics during October.

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